Why us?

We are passionate, Innovative and Futuristic.

We believe that future of work is going to be very different and autonomous. Machines are going to be the co-workers.

We believe that communication and engagement with your employees and new talent are going to be playing the key role in solving the global talent and employment crisis.

We want to ensure technology does good for people at the bottom of the pyramid and for the masses.


Employee Communication

Traditional Communication

HR professionals have been interacting with their employees either via emails or calls or physical interaction to solve any kind of people related issues inhouse.

With BOT based Communication

It can be anytime, anywhere 24*7. Employees can communicate with the BOT with their own vernacular language or English. Any queries related to salary, PF, leaves, vacations, other key employee information can be solved with this BOT. Performance appraisal, employee engagement surveys, and many other use-cases can be addressed with this bot. Employees can search for any information with the help of VOICE (voice search capability) and TEXT (chat process)


Screening New Hires

Traditional Hiring process

Companies hired their best employees via job portals/job boards/HR consultants and paid a huge fixed sum per employee to the consultants. They evaluated talent after talking to them on phone, asked them questions and then met them face to face which is a tedious process. Companies employ many HR recruiters and tele-recruiters just to call candidates daily to ensure the fitment and screen them. This is both time consuming and costly.

With BOT based speech screening

Sourcing candidates and engaging with them become easy, no need for a HR recruiter or a tele caller and it saves cost for companies. The deployed bot asks questions to candidates and answers get analysed at the backend. The system is capable, dynamic with SPEECH ANALYTICS and NLP to screen talent quickly in second.