We believe that “Digitization” and “Sustainable Technology will be the key for Industrial Growth.

Why are we excited about Voifeed?

A conversational AI-powered human resources platform is a whole new level of engagement experience as it showcases personality, style of speech and its purpose to its audiences. We believe in interacting, connecting and making a back-and-forth digital conversation with everyone looking for a career opportunity.

Voifeed leverages power of chat, voice and vernacular to connect and communicate employees with businesses. Voifeed is an intelligent bot that is available 24*7 for you.

For Businesses
This helps companies to market their jobs and career platform, makes their platform interactive and engaged, help them screening quickly, onboard quality people and communicate smartly with them. There is a higher chance to retain employees because of their involvement with Voifeed. Voifeed interacts with employees at all levels and therefore acts as a “Virtual HR” centre for companies.

For Employees/Job seekers
“Voifeed” aims to engage people throughout their job life cycle from searching jobs till they stay with the company. “Voifeed” makes the conversations very simple with the employees, engage them and draw key insights which is useful for top management.

If you can just speak about your skills and experience, then “Voifeed” is for you. It is simple because speaking is easy than writing CV’s. For us- Your voice and your skills are important not your religion, caste, ethnicity or anything else. We are committed for giving equal opportunity to everyone and this makes us sustainable and unique.


Why Conversation so important for all of us?

Powered by our proprietary technology, Voifeed can recognize the natural language well and it aims to create the industry's most dynamic and engaging conversational experience with its advanced machine learning techniques. Voifeed can collect deep insights from employee’s conversations and voice. It aims to create trust and a brand among its users with its human like natural conversations. We are careful with the data protection of employees at various levels and therefore take critical care of this. We ensure that data is secure at all levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give an equal opportunity and sustainable technology platform to everyone. We want to disrupt the employment eco-system with our efficient human like conversational AI platform. We aim to make communication easy for employees so that they use the platform with ease. On the other hand, we also aim to help businesses grow by enabling them with our sustainable technology so that they get right employees at the right time and become successful.

Our Vision

Voifeed’s vision is to create a platform to solve one of the world’s largest problems i.e. un-employment and to give economic stability to everyone.